Step count bug just encountered

I sync my Fitbit steps to Fitness Fantasy. My Fitbit hadn’t synced for awhile so Fitness Fantasy (FF) still showed my daily step count to be 28,000 something. I watched an ad for ten extra crystals. When the ad was done and I returned to the FF app, my Fitbit had synced and my daily step count reflected 37,521 steps. However, I never received the energy for those 9,000 steps (which would have been 1,710 energy with no bonuses). I currently still have only 66 energy so it’s not a matter of me not realizing I’d received it. I have to imagine that when the sync happens in the background while an ad is being watched, this is causing some kind of conflict/issue.


Hi @radiocricket, thank you for reporting the issue. We’ll investigate once the Chinese new year holiday is over. Can I please grab your id so I can send you some energy for compensation?

Also to narrow down the issue, did you just update Fitness Fantasy?


Yes, it is the most recent version of the app. To explain further, I never had the pop-up window for the step to energy conversion appear.

My user ID is zpgw6r