Step bank issues

Just watched a video to get 20% extra of my walking it was like 14.5k and was planning on converting. None of it showed up after I got done the video. I closed the app and restarted it. It came up with 453 steps so I watched the video and got about 90 steps in my bank. The game did tell me it was having a hard time connecting to the internet. I’m figuring that’s what the issue is. I’m on my satellite WiFi and can’t do much better then that. I don’t think my satellite internet is actually having problems, but it’s satellite so I can’t swear to it. Help?

Also, whenever I get suck on the 91% load it’s because my internet is flaky.

Just lost 24,000 steps this afternoon. Getting pretty annoyed. It’s not a fun game if I can’t get credit for my work. Please help

Hi @Temslove, sorry for the late response. Can I please grab your game id to have a look? It’s in your settings page.