Stacking torches?

So I noticed that you can only get a maximum of 5 torches per day. If you were to save them from day 0 till the final week when the raid boss shows up. Wouldn’t you be able to use them all at once?

I say this as I noticed that raid boss loot is EXCEPTIONALLY better than just regular boss loot.

Does anyone know if this would work or is there a hard cap on how many torches you can have/how many times you fight the raid boss?

As far as I am concerned, there isn’t a hard cap on the number of torches you have. So technically, you get use all 150 torches (30 x 5) on the raid boss. With regards to the loot itself, it varies quite a bit and I haven’t seen any trends apart from the emblem-looking things which allows you to climb the leaderboard. However, the rewards for moving up the leaderboards is pretty poor and is definitely something that the developers need to address.