Spent 600 topazes for nothing

I spent 600 topazes to buy 1.2 T Xp points but I never got them. I was hoping to buy a new world soon :frowning:

I am using an android 6.0.1 phone
My Facebook name is Eman Al-Hamdani

Thank you

Hi @Eman_Al-Hamdani there’s a known bug that the purchased XP is not reflecting in the main screen immediately after you purchase them. If you tap the level up bar on the home screen, you’ll see the XP points are already calculated. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

@marspark No, I never got the Xp points. You can check my game and see that I don’t have +1.2 T Xp points
I barely have 32 B and I worked hard to get them

@Eman_Al-Hamdani have you connected with a social media account (i.e. Facebook)? If so can I please grab your nickname so that we can check your data to see what’s going on? Also in the meantime do you mind to restart your phone and see if you can get those XP back?

Again thank you for the trouble and really appreciated your patience with us!

@marspark Yes I tried restarting my phone and that didn’t work

My Facebook user is Eman Al-Hamdani

Thank you