Some guideness please

i am quite lost here, there are so many options - can anyone offer some guidelines ?

what character should i level? which are the strongest and which are backing characters? what equipment and what skills are advised to level? right now i am just shooting in the dark - and it would be quite frustrating to find out much later that i spent all of my energy and got weak results cause i didn’t built them correctly.

also how do i know where to place them in the battle field? that’s another i can’t understand how people figured it out cause as i said - i am really shooting in the dark here, and it’s quite frustrating to lose at the arena over and over again.


Hard to say which build is best as some heroes probably combo well with others. As far as placement goes u need to pay attention to how the enemy attacks. For example in first few worlds they either attack the front row or back row first. Which ever row is being attack the most you will want to move ur stronger heroes there like warrior or paladin. Some people don’t use either of those and just go straight dps or use priest to mitigate dmg. As far as which armor set is better some might be better for pvp and some might be better. Game is new and not many from beta are sharing info. I will say Warlock seems to be like a good choice for sure. I went with demon set on it as that’s what I got first. Don’t focus lvling non 5 star equipment that much as u will replace it pretty quick… use honor points on black fit stones only so you can evolve quicker. I wouldn’t spend them on energy as you don’t get so much from lvls. Silver might be okay if u know that the gear ur lvling is going to be a keeps but in would still say to avoid. You can buy purple star coins to help lol those player skills which help get more stones energy per day and chest. You can discord as I’m working on guides, though I don’t be able to say which heroes are best to use because it varies on what gear you get and how much energy u can get per day etc.

Oh thank you for your advices - i wish i knew this before i spent all my resources on the first gear i got :frowning:

What about skills? It’s all a blur - don’t know which skills to lvl up they all look the same to me
I mean in terms effective

I walk 10k - 11k steps a day

I haven’t lvld skills yet because I’m working on evolving my heroes to 7s first. I’m not sure which ones are best to get but it will probably be a combination of lol 2 skills and s rank skills. Not sure if lvl 3 skills exist outside of buffs on rings. If you look at one of the other posts there is a discord link and I posted all skills that I kno. Hoping others can share information so I can update it but ya lots of things can do. Hard to decide. I would not evolve a weapon and save urs stones. Max lvl of 5 star weap is 180

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Oh ok cause I didn’t know what to do so i started to level up the skills cause thats how i remembered it from MapleStory and other RPG games

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I can tell from my way of how I play at beginning is that I save all crystals to buy first 3 5star heroes. Fourth hero that I want to use mostly I decide to empowering by adding him stars but now I think it was not good idea. He should also be buyed as 5star. Therefore I use tons of FS for hero that I could have just by spending some crystals…

What about skills? Do you have some ideas there? Which are better ?

There’s a discord channel created by one of the players here. I’ll bump it up so you can check it there.

I have so many outfit cards it says I can use to open outfit chests in the shop but I don’t see that option anywhere

I found this problem too, since the update

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@Michelle and @LexxiCarnage to open outfit chests, goto equipemnt section in home screen, then goto outfir section of any hero, and then at the bottom, you’ll see the outfit shop option. You can spend all your outfit cards there. :slight_smile:

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