[Solved bug] Can't convert steps- crashes every time

Every single time I try to convert my steps (use the sneaker icon), the game closes. That’s it. I’ve tried restarting my phone. I even updated the phone. Still crashes. :confused:


Same here. Tried redownloading but nothing worked.

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Someone needs to fix this! Same issue on my phone too.

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I also have the same problem, it was working fine at first then started crashing. Also can’t access the amethyst shop as well.

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@Juliette @Candace_Smith @Jennfrog73

We have sent fix builds to App Store and Play Store. We are now waiting for approval. Hopefully it will be released this week. Thank you for your patience and supports!

Hi guys, this issue has been fixed in the latest build (v2.1.4). Please download it from Appstore or Google Play.