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Please tell how much time is left till the social mode release, we DESPERATELY need it!!! Its one thing making me still stuck to the app!!

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Hi, thank you for reaching out. It’s probably after the stage III content so please expect a 2~3 months.

Dos o tres meses me parece algo excesivo. La aplicación está genial pero sacarla con cosas a medias deja un poco que desear.
Además apenas se puede interactuar con los amigos más que ver el número de árboles que tiene, me parece escaso. Aunque el juego me encanta, y creo que me puede ayudar mucho a dejar mi adicción al móvil y ser más productiva en mi día a día. También veo que es un juego que se va volviendo repetitivo, que además deja muchas cosas sin explicar de cómo jugar o cómo funciona, por ejemplo los grupos. Tampoco es que sea muy intuitivo vas a prueba y error, a veces no sé si lo que haces esta bien o no. Creo que le faltan bastantes actualizaciones para que el juego sea óptimo y lo pueda disfrutar mucha gente.
Yo lo he recomendado a amigos por su practicidad pero espero cambios o se que poco a poco lo iremos abandonando por falta de motivación. Espero que no sea así, y este juego ayude a muchss personas.

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Translation of the above user “ Two or three months seems a bit excessive to me. The application is great but getting it out half way leaves a bit to be desired. Besides, you can hardly interact with your friends other than seeing the number of trees it has, it seems scarce to me. Although I love the game, and I think it can help me a lot to quit my mobile addiction and be more productive in my day to day. I also see that it is a game that is becoming repetitive, which also leaves many things without explaining how to play or how it works, for example the groups. It’s not that it’s very intuitive, you go through trial and error, sometimes I don’t know if what you’re doing is right or not. I think it lacks quite a few updates so that the game is optimal and can be enjoyed by many people. I have recommended it to friends for its practicality but I hope for changes or I know that little by little we will abandon it due to lack of motivation. I hope not, and this game helps many people”

I wholeheartedly agree, stage 3 content maybe fun- but the social mode should be released prior.
I don’t know the whole plan of course, but Atleast a feature that allows two or more online friends to focus together would be VERY helpful, especially in online education era. I have myself reccomended this app to so many friends and it would be nice to enable a focusing together feature