So I found an abandoned guild

I joined a guild with a nice looking name. It’s rather empty, wanna join?
8mre4gz3 Moon Shadow

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Hi In Majja i just joined the guild :slight_smile:

Hi Majja! I’m sorry that it took me 10 days to find this! I’m still learning how to play. I just realized that each person who checks in at the guild gets coins for the guild store and the guild gets points towards leveling up. :slight_smile: welcome to the guild!

We still have plenty of room. If anyone wants to join us. :slight_smile: leveled up the guild today!

We leveled up the guild and can have a co-leader now. Tag! You’re it! :slight_smile:

Hey I just joined the guild as well. Just started playing today

Welcome Rhaynez! I haven’t been playing for very long, but I’m learning! The forum is a good place to learn. :slight_smile:

Hej Rhaynez
Haha, in so slow in forum.
But nice to have you with us.
If you like. Rain or me can make you our apprentice. The booth get bonuses

How did you stumble upon an empty guild?