"Slightly less super" pass option?

I love this game and I would like to support its development with my money, and I think a subscription service that provides gems is a fantastic way to do that. I do this with Habitica and other productivity and lifestyle apps to further motivate myself and invest in the game. I dislike buying gems in bulk since I’ll more easily lose interest in the game in the long run.

As a player, a subscription is worth the most to me if it achieves one/all of the following:

  1. improves quality of life by removing ads or wait time

  2. opens up new content

  3. makes the app more effective for its intended purpose

That said, most of the apps I subscribe to are $5/month or less. I don’t think I can justify spending 140% of what I do on other apps that impact my life in much more significant ways. For a comparison, a Fitbit Coach subscription (assuming you take the yearly rate) is $3.33/month, give or take.

This app is asking more than twice that, and the super pass is not designed to help you reach your fitness goals more easily. It’s going to give you more in-game currency, sure, but it primarily affects ratios on how much your steps are worth. This makes it easier to walk less for the same progress. So, as far as I can tell, paying for the subscription service actually makes Fitness RPG a less effective motivational tool for fitness.

I suggest a cheaper “not-so-super” pass option that just awards you the gems (or even less gems), maybe the speed up, so that subscribing is more reasonable and doesn’t negatively impact the effectiveness of the game as a motivational tool.

Does anyone agree/disagree? What subscription models do you buy into generally speaking? How much do those cost, and what makes it worth it to you?


I Agree that superpass users should have no ads or at least be limited to 5 seconds ads.

The 30 seconds are quite annoying.

  • 150 gems is nice / 3k coins & xp are pretty useless at my level lol :joy: ( i’d rather have 25 power & blessing stones)

  • auto-collect for guild (manual check-in should be still required)

  • 1 monthly gift (random outfit + 1 x epic pet fragment)

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Thank you guys for your feedback. We will see what we can do :slight_smile:

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Another Payment Consideration Re: Crystals

I agree with what @GeneM and @Alex_ck mentioned and while payment systems are being discussed, the payments for the crystals seem a little skewed.

I like to do a simple cost breakdown if I consider the paid options in apps. (amount /price= Amount received of item per dollar spent).

Usually the amount received per $1 increases with each payment increment but by how much varies.

However, when I checked the crystals I got this: ($ are rounded)

1200/ $3 = 400 crystal per $1 spent
3000/. $8 = 375 crystals per $1spent
6,000/ $15 = 400 crystals per $1 spent
12,600/ $31 = 406.5 crystals per $1 spent
33,000/ $80= 412.5 crystals per $1 spent
72, 000/ $160 = 450 crystals per $1 spent

So a person is better of buying the $3 pack instead of the $8’pack and there is no difference between $3 and $15. Additionally it hovers than jumps.

As a suggestion and an example the type of breakdown I expected to see based on doing this in other apps is something like this:

1200/ $3 = 400 crystal per $1 spent
3300/. $8 = 412.5 crystals per $1spent
6,300/ $15 = 420 crystals per $1 spent
13,300/ $31 = 429 crystals per $1 spent
34,600/ $80= 432.5 crystals per $1 spent
72, 000/ $160 = 450 crystals per $1 spent

The example gives a continual increase as the $$ increase. But it also means the better deal is upsold. By that I mean the customers get a better deal if they pay
$31 instead of 2 x $15, or
$160 instead of 2x $80 etc
It is an incentive which encourages players to buy in bulk rather than smaller amounts.
A type of win-win which, is the way most games I played are set up.

It looks as if it was a rush job to get it up, maybe.

@mars park I thought it may be better to keep the payment discussions together but happy to make a new post if that is more appropriate.

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I agree that there should be less or no ads for paying subscribers. I love this game and it has helped me make positive change in my life. It works because I’m competitive - i want to be at the top of the leader board! But that’s also why i end up watching all the ads. I don’t like the idea that another player can edge ahead of me by watching ads if i don’t also watch them. Unfortunately this is counter productive IRL. The ads are excessive and i find myself watching for 20+ minutes - sometimes more than once a day; turning me into the very couch potato this game claims to want to banish.

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I’d even go so far as to say I would pay just for no ads/reduced ads and maybe some gems. Paying for other currencies that I can get just by playing the game normally doesn’t mean much to me.

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