Skill Upgrade Gem Loss


For some reason when I hit “cancel” during a Skill Upgrade, it takes my blue gems anyway. So now I’m out at least 1200 gems because I didn’t realize it was doing this at first… until I had no gems. So, the only option (even if you don’t like the new skill) is to lose the gems? I’d rather have the new skill because at least I can receive badges back when I trade it in. But I have nearly 0 gems and badges!

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You’re talking about skill upgrades on a hero? Because those use fit gems. Do you mean replacing a skill? Because I think that’s working as intended. You can see what the replacement would be, then choose whether what you have is better. I prefer this, as sometimes the replacement is much less useful than the skill replaced.

You are paying for a chance to get a new skill, not paying for the skill itself. Maybe it would be more clear if the dialog after paying says “keep old skill” or “keep new skill”, cancel implies that you can back out of the transaction.


They made fun of me when I had same problem. I lost more then 2k to figure that you lose money no matters you CANCEL or not.
Is ambiguous and must be set somehow.


Yeah, but if you accept you get your stones back and I used that method to get my arche mage, so I’m cool with it. Really lost a lot of S-Skills tho…

If you tap 200 crystals button, the step is irreversible.

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What are S skills? :thinking:

Skills are I,II,III and S. S is the best.