Skill Slot #3 — what is it for?

What is this slot for? I unlocked all the skills I can see in the tree and can’t fill this one. I have two skills unassigned and they’re both for the Knight class. When I change to Knight class I have two skills unassigned — they’re for mage class

I have no idea what this skill slot is supposed to hold.

What gives?

I haven’t unlocked it either and could not find anything that would slot in there. Possibly for something new in an update.

Thanks. I am assuming so, but wasn’t sure. I bought it to get access to the tiers beneath it but it’s just sitting, empty. I guess I’ll stay tuned!

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We’ll be adding more skills. Please stay tuned!

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The skill is used to change the hero class. If Knight is the current class, Mage will be unassigned the class. If Mage is the current class, the knight will be the unassigned class. You can put one class only in the skill slot 3.If there is none of the class, you just assign Knight or Mage class.

I am not sure what you’re trying to tell me. I know about changing classes, but there is a third skill slot that you can’t assign anything to, regardless of current active class.

Developers said it’s for a future update.

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