Skill Replace - Wha?

Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intended. I went to replace one of my hero’s passive skills for 200 gems. It gave an option to cancel, which I did as I wanted to think about it but it still took the 200.

It’s a feature. Each time you spend 200 gems you get the option to replace it with a different skill.

I understand that. My concern is that if I cancel it, I still lose the 200. I never confirmed the change.

Unfortunately this action is Confused.i lost more then 1.5k to figure this:)
If you push button 200 crystals, you will spend them. You pay only to see a new option not to choose it.
Next step “ok or cancel” is to keep or not the new spell instead of the old one.

So 200 for a gamble. I guess that makes sense but to me, cancel means cancel, that you do not wish to complete the transaction. It’s misleading.