Server roll back?

lost upgraded weapon, have to play again some story chapter, lost achievement…Am I the only one who have this problem?

I’ve had a similar issue when I attempted to download the game on a different device. Did you recently switch device’s?

Hi guys, thank you for reaching out. May I please grab your game id for investigation? Thank you for your patience.

@Nlindz2065 when switching to a different device, it’s highly recommended that you manually save your game progress in the settings before switching.

Hi Mars,

I’m pretty sure I tried that as this is the second time this has happened.

I do wonder if this has anything to do with the saved data from the game that’s embedded on my phone. You know the data that stops us from being able to restart the game? Here’s what I think… When I started the game or not long after I wanted to start over because I realized I made a few mistakes. I tried deleting the app and clearing all data but when I re- installed it picked up right where I left off. I discovered that I could switch servers and start over so I did that. However then I wondered what if I just switched phones. I tried it and noticed some small changes like having to reclaim all my energy and lower levels on my hero’s. I was pretty low level at that time and don’t think I was even doing arena fights at this point. I deleted the app on the new device and stuck with the old playing on 2 different servers. I forgot about this first attempt of switching phones. Weeks later I tried again because I use my phone for work and wanted to be able play the game without messing with my work apps. This time the roll back was huge. I was way under powered in the arena, my diamonds where gone, silver gone, stage status gone. I reached out to you and you fixed it. I asked if switching device’s was possible and you said it was that there was a bug. Last week, when the beta was announced I wanted to try it but didn’t want to risk my main device to a download from an unknown source so once again I tried putting the app on my other phone. My game play rolled back to the same spot as the last time witch I suspect was the same place as the first time I tried. My player names are Tari-01 and Tari-02. Tari-02 (jknemp) is who I have the issue with but I feel that is because that’s the server I happened to be on when I switched.

You have already corrected this for me for the second time. If you want I can try switching a 4th time, but only if you can put my game play back same day. Last week’s issues caused me to lose my first place standing in the arena and I could only fight my way back to 4th place once I was fixed. Other then that I won’t be trying to switch devices again.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for responding and and for always fixing my issues!

Hi thank you for writing this up. Did you try to save your data to the cloud server before trying to change the phone? Sometimes the data won’t upload during a 3g condition so that could potentially cause some rollback.

Appreciated for your attempt to help us fixing this issue. I don’t think you need to do that in purpose but try to manually save data before switching to another device. And please reach to me anytime when a rollback happenes after a manual save.

I can honestly say that I don’t know how to save my data to the cloud server. I’m sure that’s not what I did when I switched device’s. Let me know how it is done please.

Hi, all you need to do is to click ‘Save Game’ in the settings page :slight_smile:

Duh​:woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:. Ok then yes, that’s how I would have saved the game. Sorry, I never noticed the cloud icon before.