Server no longer saving progress

for almost a week now, if i switch servers and then back to the original one, it will give me the data sync issue. when i click server it resets me back to the progress from before i started anything. If i click local, it starts a new account all together. It’s been almost a week and i have not been able to get any of my progress to save.

I also have noticed that if i open the chests, it does not re-populate the chests when i log back in and i have none of the rewards that i had originally gotten from the chests. So not only am i not able to progress but it is actually moving me backwards

Hi, I would suggest to avoid switching server if possible before we release the bug fix version. However, if you still want to switch servers, please remember to manually save your data before switching. If your 3rd party is messed up, please let me know so I can restore it for you.