Server 1-4 will be linked on 28th/Feb/2020

Hi guys,

We’ve decided to link server 1-4 (Fit Land, Fit Tower, Twin Peak, Power Tablet) to boost engagement.

What will happen

  • All the servers will go under maintenance for an approximately 1 hour right after the current tournament season ends
  • Players in linked servers will
    • Share a single tournament and tournament ladder
    • Be able to join guilds across linked servers
    • Bind master across linked servers
  • Guilds in linked servers will share a single guild ladder

What happens if I have multiple characters on multiple linked servers

  • You can still switch your characters/servers through the ususal ‘select server’ button. You will see the same guild ladder and tournament ladder if you switch to another linked server
  • Can I add my other character as my master/apprentice? Yes
  • Can I join the same guild with all my characters? Yes

Please let us know if you have any concerns!

Happy walking!


Hey Mars, nice to see you and team making progress! Congrats on a new patch.

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Will all the guilds from all the servers will be shown and available on the same list/ladder?

Yes, they will as long as they are linked together (all servers except pump garden)

I am excited!! More people in guilds :smiley: