Retrieving player data

Hello there. My steps were not syncing to the game so I cleared the cache and data then reinstalled the game because that is what was mentioned as a last resort. Is there any way to get my character data back? It’s having me start over again and I can’t figure it out.

@Psky, may I grab your current game id? BTW did reinstall fix the step count problem for you?

Sure it’s z829jm. Thanks for getting back to me.

No the reinstall did not work for me. I started a new game in the meantime.

Hi, I’ve transferred your google play account to your lv52 account. You should see a data conflict window when you enter the game. Please choose ‘server’ to retrieve your data. I’ve also sent you some crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through. Please let me know if you are having any problems.

Thank you. I’ll will take a look tonight when I get a chance.