Restoring and data loss

Hey there.
I was affected by the 92% issue and after consulting this forum, I removed and reinstalled the game. But the progress wasn’t entirely restored. I lost an entire world.
I also can’t connect to Facebook or Google Play, only to Kongregate. Aaaannnd I’m loosing steps count, despite the fact that my Galaxy S7 has several apps monitoring them. It is running Android 6.0.1.
Can you please help me?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Branca, sorry to hear that you are affected by the bug. Can I please grab your new id? I can probably track back your old progress.

Maybe I didn’t expressed myself correctly.
I did not receive a new ID. It remains the same.
I have a partial and old restore from the Kongregate account, the only I could make.
Now I have a progress equivalent to more than 5 weeks ago, still no steps count, and no other way to backup besides Kongregate.
Can you help?

Hi Branca,

Thanks for the reply.

We need your current game ID to look you up in the database and further investigate. The ID is found on the game settings page. Please refer the attached image for details.

Thank you!

Hello all,

I was unable to play for several days due to the 91% bug. I finally ended up uninstalling/reinstalling and now my data is lost. The game started completely over. I couldn’t get my old account ID because I couldn’t open the game but I was connected via Facebook.

My new ID is vnjcC_!B*

Please help!

If I can’t get my progress back, I will have to delete the game. I’m not interested in starting over. I was almost finished with the ice world.

Thank you,

Like I said, I don’t have a new ID.
I got a partial restore and remains the same ID. Please check YPrX!r+7p
This is the id I had then and the one I have now. But I was finishing Tropic and now Tropic is blocked.
Can you help?

Hi Branca,

Sorry I didn’t fully grasp the situation there. I looked up on the system, and it says you have 4 worlds and discovered 69 plants. Is that the correct progress? If yes, I have refreshed the account and would you like to check if the progress is back now?

Please let me know if there is any other issues. Thank you!

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Hi Amy,

Sorry to know you have been affected by the issue. A fix update is coming out this week to resolve the issue permanently.

In the meanwhile, I have found your progress and have transferred it to the new account. Would you like to see if the progress is back on your end?

There is one thing for transferred accounts: as you have changed the ID, the account becomes a new account. This means your previous friends won’t be able to see you any more, unless you remove them from your current list, add them back and wait for them to accept the friend request. You can also get new friends by using the ‘Recommend’ feature.

Thank you!

The loading issue fix update (v2.2.6) is now live in both stores. Please let me know how you go with this update.

Thank you for your patience with us.