Restoring account

Hi, I resently reinstalled the app and I would like to get my old account back. The ID of the the old account is FCjQKyDQB and my new ID is Mnsc6abnh

Hi Silverpaws,

I see you are using v2.4.4 at the moment. There is apparently a super plant bug in that version. Could you update the game to v2.4.8 (just gone live today) and let me know when it’s done? I’ll transfer the data to the new account as soon as I hear back from you.


Thanks Mars, it has been updated

I have decided I would rather play on the account I am on now. Thanks for your time

Sorry for the delayed reply. Have you made any in-app purchase? If yes, you can send over your receipts and I can send over the rubies or skins back to your new account.


Hi everyone.
I’ve recently reinstalled my account and I’ve lost all my data. Could you please give me my data back?

Id game: MPEbYaJgh


Did you format your phone or changed a new phone? We were trying to look up your previous game data by searching the phone ID found on the new ID (MPEbYaJgh), however it seems the phone ID has been changed. I’m afraid we can’t retrieve the data without the previous phone ID.

However, I found your last message on the forum back in May and the ID was YnmYir3g*, it has 4 worlds and is at LV 27 for the player level. Is this the data you are looking for?

Since then I kept on playing and probably I went further. I then changed mobile phone and hadn’t reinstalled the app for months. I reinstalled it last week as I bought the fitbit watch and wanted to combine it with the app.

If that is the only level you can restore for me is OK, better then nothing at least.

Please let me know

The transfer is done. :blush:

Hey there, I am typing in behalf of my mother (we both are pocket plants players). Due to some problems with her phone, she had to hand it in for repair. However the back-up phone we now have for approx. 10 workdays, is not as compatible. Now I would like to ask if you could restore her data on this phone:
Old name: Lisette
New Game ID: vC-x$*GiD.
She should be in world 10, only 1 plant left

You have my thanks,

Kind regards,


P.S. I really like the game

Hi Kaykyneter,

Thank you for your support!

I looked up in the database using the player name you provide and found an data entry. However it has only 4 worlds and is at LV 27, and the player for this account stopped playing the game in May. Can you please confirm if ‘Lisette’ was the old name? Could there be any other names (the name search is case sensitive).


I hope this works.