Restore my account

Hi! How can I restore my old account? I’ve changed my phone and I had to reinstall focus plants. Now, I can’t restore my old account. I forgot my old ID but its name was Parisa and my new ID is qxwd9m. Pls help me.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Did you connect to any 3rd party account before? You can connect to the same account again to retrieve your progress.

Previously, I was only connected through my Google account, but now I’ve realized that I had to create an account by Shikudo or Facebook to restore it. Pls help me

@Parisa I’ve just run a search and found multiple players named Parisa, thus we’ll need some verification that one of the accounts belongs to you. Can you please name the tags you’ve created?

I created a friend group with Shahab and I called it Juicy. We achieved it to second level.

Unfortunately, this is public info, I need something only you would know, like the tags you’ve created. Do you still remember any?

If I understand your mean, I’ve created 2 tags (English study with blue color and PhD study with purple color). Also I joined to this app since late 2021. Also I rated it in Google play store and introduced it by a link in my Instagram account. And I grow up only one of my plants to third level.


Thank you for the updated info. Can you please link to Facebook / Shikudo account? Please let me know when it’s done!

I’ve linked to Shikudo account by new id qxwd9m, but I don’t know how I can find my old id and restore it.


Can you please do the following:

  1. Exit the game
  2. Login again and connect to the same Shikudo account again, you should receive a popup to fetch your old progress (2g4vzq).

Yessssss it restored. You made me really happy. Thank you. Thank you so much…:sob::heart_eyes:

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