Restore account?

My phone logged me out of my account and I cannot log back in. Can someone please help me?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. You can connect to the same account to retrieve your progress.

Hi thank you,

When I tried to, it created a new account and all of my progress was gone. Is there a way for me to enter my username?

@Gemy Do you remember your game id or your nickname?

Hello is it possible for me to retrieve my acc? I only remember nickname used inside the game

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Please leave your nickname, we can find it if it’s unique enough.

Hello. It was Kikilala
Thank you for helping :blush:

Your account is connected with the Striving account (email: You can

  1. download Striving
  2. login with that email and your password
  3. go back to Focus Plant → settings → account → connect to Striving

Hello. I have downloaded striving. However, it stated that the email is not registered.

And may i know what is the password.

Because before this have I’ve never put password for focus plant

Hi, thank you for your update. We don’t give out passwords unfortunately. I’ve noticed that you are also connected to GameCenter and Facebook, can you please try to connect to these account with your standard credentials?