[Resolved] Restoring game progress

Hi aattrox,

The transfer is done. Please let me know if your friend is having issue accessing the account. Thanks!

Thank you very very much. Love you. Now her progress is correct!

Hi marspak i have a same problem. Iam coneccted woth google i saved data but game was reseted please help me ID vC_KXrDrB thank you

Hi veronikayy,

Sorry to know you are also affected by the issue. Is vC_KXrDrB your current ID? I’ve just refreshed the ID on our end and could you let me know if your progress is restored? Thanks!

I reinstalled my game cuz I couldn’t open it anymore and I wasn’t able to restore my game progress :frowning: my old ID is M3JS*Jc$g. The new one is F3QzekG5g

Hi bagelbot,

Sorry to know you have been affected by the issue. The transfer is done. Please let me know if you are still having trouble access the progress. Thanks!

I was having the issue where my game stopped loading at 91% so I reinstalled and lost my progress. I had it synced to my facebook account but every time I try to connect, it opens facebook and then closes it and nothing happens. My ID was Y3~GWD-jg

Hi sleepinglioness,

I’ve found your previous progress under the ID (Y3~GWD-jg) and it says you have discovered 4 worlds and 66 plants. Is this the correct progress? Did you get a new ID after reinstallation? Can we please grab the new ID if you have one? Thanks!

Yes that’s correct! My ID was the same after reinstallation though but I’m stuck at world 1 with 16 plants.

We’ve just refreshed the ID on our side. Would you like to see if you can access the progress now? Thanks!

It’s back! Thank you so much!

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This happened to me to recently, I am playing on Android, and suddenly the game wouldn’t load after 91%. I uninstalled and reinstalled. My progress is completely reset, what can I do?

Hi NannaBL,

Sorry to know you are having the same issue. We need your old and new game ID to locate and transfer your previous data. If you don’t remember your old game ID, you can send us your username in the deleted game and new ID instead. Please note, the username search is case sensitive and has to be the exact name.

Thank you for the reply. My old username is Sferia and the new game ID is MPmtSqj5B.

Hi NannaBL,

We’ve found the old ID and have already made the transfer to the new account. Please let us know if you are still having trouble accessing your progress. Thank you!

Thank you, all my progress is restored :slight_smile:

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Sorry for this again, but my game had the problem where it stopped loading at 91% again and when I reinstalled my data was stuck back at world 1. My ID is Y3~GWD-jg and should have world 4 and 15 plants. My ID was the same after reinstalling.

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Pocket Plants v2.1.6 is now ready in Google Play. It has got a fix to the game not loading issue. Please let me know if you are still having any loading issues with this update. Thank you!

To report further loading issues, please post in the following thread:

I’ve refreshed the account on our side. Please let me know if you are having trouble accessing it. Also, the fix update is ready in Google Play. Please let me know how you go with the new update (v2.1.6). Thanks!