[Resolved] How can I restore the data?

Since it keeps freezing at 91%, I deleted and reinstalled the game. I was connected to Google play store before uninstallation and had saved the data. But now that I have reinstalled it, I cannot restore my data. There’s no option where I can load the data. It’s not even automatically loaded.
MPLrq!Aep This is my previous ID and MC6S_cRkg is my new ID

Hi nothnx00,

Sorry to know you are having issues with the game. Please make sure you have saved the new game progress (new game ID) with your Google Play account and delete the game from your device. Once you have done that, please send us a note, we will manually transfer the data on our end.

Thanks for the help. I saved it and delete the game. Please restore my data! :smiley:

Hi nothnx00,

Did you save (connect) the game with Google Play account? We couldn’t find your account connection details under the new ID. You will need to have the Google Play account connected to retrieve the game data once we finish the transfer.

If you haven’t done that, I’m afraid you need to install the game, connect with Google Play account and get a new ID.

Thank you for your patience!

Thanks :blush:

MPLrq!Aep is my old ID, and MCWB8hxsB is my new ID.

Hi nothnx00,

Thank you for your patience. The transfer is done. Please reinstall the game and connect with your Google Play account. After you finished the tutorial, there should be pop-up asking you to choose between local or cloud saved data. Please make sure you go with cloud saved data.

Please let me know how you go with this.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Best regards,

Thanks a lot! All of the data have been restored well thanks to your help.


I’m also facing the same problem. My game stucked loading at 97% so I reinstalled the game. Even though it was connected google play, I’ve lost all my progress. My old Game ID was ScorpSal.

Please help!


Hi Mysticgal,

I found your progress on our database. There had been a data saving issue causing progress to disappear. This has been fixed in v2.1.6. Could you update the game and send over the new game ID you get and we will transfer the progress over? (You will need to go through the new player tutorial before setting is available.)

Thank you!

Hi marspark,

I’ve updated the game to version 2.1.6 and this my new game ID: YCqkMFXtp


Best regards,

Hi Sally,

The transfer is done. Please let me know if you are still having issues accessing the progress. Thank you!

Thanks, marspark! It’s now working. :slight_smile:

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