[RESOLVED] Game not loading issue v2.1.10

Hello guys,

Some players have reported the game not loading issue, ie, game stops loading at 91% and not going any further. We would like you to know we are working to find a solution to resolve the issue. The ETA is around 2-4 weeks.

For the players who are experiencing the issue, delete and reinstallation is the only way to regain access to the game. If you have saved your game with Google Play / Game Center /Facebook/Kongregate, you should be able to get your progress back after reinstallation.

Please let us know if for any reasons you are having issues getting back the old progress.

We are very sorry for all the troubles caused and thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

I seemed to had been hit with the dreaded 92% (usually 91%) stuck on the loading screen issue after the latest update, tried force quitting the game on my phone as well as restarting android, turning off and on android but still would not load while on wi-fi or on 4G data network. I then cleared the app data and cache, and was asked to sign back into my google play account.

I was then forced to go through the mini tutorial at the beginning of the game, and when I went to connect to facebook, I was given an error of “Invalid key hash” and asked to configure my app key hashes at “https://developers.facebook.com/apps/1560072220959566” When I went to this page, I was given an error of “Sorry, the link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Search for apps 1560072220959566 dashboard on developers.facebook.com”.

I have now lost all my progress and cannot sync to facebook. The google account I have sync’d with seems to show all of my achievements though.

My new id is YP4mD$BB@
My old id was Y3a$v3i5i
My old username was fpsrandy

I was level 60 or 61, on the music realm (with one of the second tier plants unlocked and the burnt wood, so 5/19 or 4/18 of the music realm). I also paid for the amethyst tree upgrade.

Hi fpsrandy,

The loading issue fix update (v2.2.6) is now live in both stores. Please let me know how you go with this update. Thank you for your patience!