[RESOLVED] Data Backtracking?

This is probably a side effect of the data loss, but my game says I have yet to unlock the Sealoth, but my Nursery disagrees. Attached below is one of the screenshots of what’s going on in my game (apparently new users can’t post more than one picture in a post :confused:) .
(Man I feel like I’m a magnet for bugs at the moment :no_mouth:)

I was able to plant a Sealoth even when it said I hadn’t unlocked it yet.

Really sorry for all the troubles caused. We will examine your data the first thing when we return to work tomorrow. (We are located in China and sorry there might be some delays in communication.)

Thank you for your patience!

Well, that may be a bit more odd. I’m located in Hong Kong, so technically you should be fairly closer to me than the majority of Pocket Plant players…

And it’s fine ^^ better to shoot these bugs down now than later. It’s just kind of weird that I’ve got so many of them haha

Thanks for your understanding! I thought you are located in the states and that’s why I mentioned there might be time difference.

We will look into your data the first thing tomorrow and I will get back as soon as we find anything. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you see any other bugs or issues. Thanks again for your patience and support!

Alright, thank you ^^

Hi YearlyAquariAce,

I’ve sent you a private message regarding the issue. Thank you!