Reset challenge times with daily task

I just got new daily tasks but already have 0 challenge times left on the stage I’m supposed to do. More I have to wait until the end of the day. Please reset these together at the same time so this doesn’t happen.

Hi, sounds weird, can you please exit and re-login to the game and let me know if it resets?

It’s cleared by today, but I think I used all my challenge attempts just before bedtime. Before bed I had finished all tasks for that day, when I woke up I got new tasks, but didn’t get more challenge attempts until later in the day. I’m not sure what criteria it uses to reset. I can try to make it happen again but it’s happened before a few times.

@marspark The daily tasks, arena, lottery steps, lottery requirement & guild contributions resets at different time. It really annoying to keep track on all those times. Some things resets at my midnight, some at 1 am. I can understand that some things must be reset at the same time for all the players, but it’s really annoying.

It happened again today, I looted before bed and now I have zero challenge times for the daily task stage. But I’m happy to say, force closing the game and restarting brought back my challenge times!

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