Reloading from cloud, infinite loop


When I start Fitness RPG, It says your progress is out of sync, press OK to retrieve from the cloud, I touch OK and the newest progress is found in the cloud, the game will start loading now. I touch OK again and it goes to loading screen and the process starts over. :frowning: I don’t want to lose my progress and more importantly my purchases.


I’m tagging @marspark into this issue. He’ll look into it.

And if you face any bug, tag him :wink:

Hi @Gordonad, can you please let me know your game id so we can have a look? Or mastercode, or nickname?


My game name is “Gitz”, I am able to get into the game this morning, but I will keep you posted. Thanks @marspark

Please relogin and see if the problem is fixed. This problem is super weird and I’ll see if we can duplicate the issue. If it happens again please let us know.