Refreshes to exact same

In the area to buy new heroes, when I hit refresh, 2/3 times it “refreshes” to the exact same ones. Not one of them changes, so it appears like this must be some kind of a bug. It’s a bit annoying when you have to wait six hours or spend money on the off chance that it might change. Please look into for next update. Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know, we are looking into this. :blush:

It’s happened several times by my side too. (Like 1/2 chance to have exactly the same on all equipments or characters…). I hope there will be some 6stars equipment too.

@Vincent_Seomis do you see a spinning animation before a same set is refreshed?

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Sorry but I don’t remember. But I know that i lost my gem or money at these moment.

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We’ve done some extra checks to the logic. Can you please download the newest update and let us know if it happens again (right after it happens so we can check your data)? Thanks!

Ok. I will keep you in touch. :wink:
(But for information : i don’t refresh anymore because I’ve already all 5 stars equipment. Except if there is 6 stars equipment (but I never saw it), i will not refresh in the next period.)
Thank you for your support.