REFRESH button on friend orders

I am still running the previous version and waiting to update until data loss issue is fixed. What is the REFRESH button on friends orders [ie. When I press it, the username becomes UNKNOWN and timer rests for 30 min.] for??? Does it only appear during busy times??? Or, during slow Internet connection???

I really love your game and it is the only fitness game that motivated me to go out of my way walk more, thanks for healthier lifestyle!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you memimus for your support! We are currently working on a permanent fix for the data rollback issue. Hopefully, it won’t take us too long.

The ‘refresh’ button is used when you want to get a new order from another friend and the waiting time is there by default. Sometimes you might not want to complete some certain orders or you haven’t discovered a particular plant for the order, and you want to skip the order and try another one.