Received Same Focus Reward Twice

From 12:05pm to 2:00pm I focused and received the focus reward for 115m as expected. I spent some of the focus reward (bought a new plant maybe and also collected from the whale :thinking:). I then exited the app to play your Fitness app.

At 2:25pm (about 25 minutes later), I came back to this app again and was given an additional focus reward for 115m (that I had already received). The screenshot shows the additional reward that I should not have been given.

Wish I could provide more details on the exact steps I did for this to happen, but that’s about the best I can do. All I know for sure is that I most certainly was not focusing for 115m again (it had only been about 25 minutes). I’m fairly sure that I wasn’t even focusing at all when I left, because I planned to keep using my iPad to do other things (which I did).

No problem, we’ll look into the issue. If it happens to you again, please let us know!

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