Random skill timers seem unfair

So, im not sure if this is something that is mitigated later in the game, but at least in the early game, the dice roll at the start that determines how many turns it takes for each skill to go off is the most important thing in the entire fight.

A good skill going off on turn 1 vs turn 4 can be the difference between 1 star and 3 stars in the campaign, and in the arena the other team getting to use their skills on turn 1 while all your skills are waiting for turn 4 is far more impactful than team composition or unit power when the teams are close enough for either team to win.

It seems like either skills should be on a reliable timer, or have some balance so that the most important factor isnt simply what a single random roll ends up being.

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Nope, unfortunately it doesn’t get easier.

In arena you often win or lose just based on if your spells are cast first.

You can upgrade speed, but that seems to have little to no effect on the number of rounds before the skill is charged. It only seems to affect whether or not the enemy has a turn before you in a given round. This doesn’t really do much in campaign mode, up to hell difficulty. Maybe even past that, if there is anything past that.

If speed does have an effect on skill charging, I would love to see the formula for determining it.

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Formula is Rand() most likely since it is pretty random :slight_smile:

This is seeming to be worse and worse as time goes on. I just lost an arena match to someone 10% weaker than me because ALL of their skills activated on turn 1. What is even the point of trying if everything is decided by the one thing you cant level up or control?

I have lost to people with 100k less power than me. Sometimes it all depends on who gets to use their skills first. The only thing you can do to make it better is to improve your armor.

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as of today, i am done. I am uninstalling this game. Random skill timers make the whole thing unplayable. Every arena loss is the same “haha enemy gets ALL of their skills turn one, you can have your survivors use theirs on turn 3+” while every victory feels unsatisfying because it was all luck and not team composition or power derived from my hard work that got the win.

trying to 3 star missions or even just win new missions are entirely a matter of luck as well, if you dont get the right turn order you simply cant win. Seriously, my guys can one shot enemies in some missions but fail to get 3 stars based soley on when their skills are ready because they need enough double kills to get the round requirements.

For a game that is supposed to motivate you to DO SOMETHING this design philosophy that the defining and most important thing in every game mode is one arbitrary roll of the dice that you have no power over is complete nonsense.

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This game motivates me to walk :blush: lot of fun for very little real money spent …thanks @Shikudo I’ll be staying :wink:


I’ll be staying as well but, @Changer has a point. The battles are way too random, and heroes are way too powerful in PvP. The developers need to reduce the damage by at least 50% in PvP, otherwise the fights will be over too fast.

I would also like to see them rethink how battles work. Having your skills on a random timer isn’t good.

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Unfortunately this game doesn’t motivate me to walk at all although the other games (Wokamon) did a better job in this respect. I spend more time collecting things from the areas redoing the battles to get 3 stars & watching my team destroy on the arena by low level teams. My pass expires soon & without it battling & collecting things are incredibly long. Also, it takes me up to a week to collect enough stones to evolve my characters. I’m not going to waste my time after the school year is over. Hope I just enough time to finish Hell mode.

@Rain, I am pretty sure you will stay. It îs a hope in every arena fight, to hit the first. And it seems you like adrenaline of that moment:)))

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Please don’t seek fairness in online game.
With random skill timer, you may still have the chance to beat stronger opponent.

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I think he/she just meant that the battles are not fun. They are won/lost in the first round.