Ramblers Guild Folks

Hello to all my fellow Ramblers Guild members! I’m Luna on the Twin Peak server and the designated guild leader. I didn’t create the guild - the person who did either left or was removed and I was randomly crowned. Because I didn’t invest my own energy in creating it (just crystals to change the name), I want to try to make the running of the guild as collaborative as possible with the rest of you. Please share any suggestions, feedback, or concerns you may have! I have a few thoughts for everyone.

First, I love that this is an active guild that is growing quickly, and I’d like to keep it this way. So please checkin daily! (Note you must actually hit the checkin button to contribute). Super checkin is even better as it helps us grow faster, making our chest rewards bigger. Right now I plan to purge folks who are inactive for 3 days or more and those that appear to be hanging out in the guild without checking in. If anyone is planning a trip to a remote location without internet access, let me know in advance and you won’t be removed. Does this sound ok to everyone?

Second, we need a co-leader! Any volunteers? Perhaps someone who has been playing for awhile and is committed to helping the guild grow? Maybe someone with an impressive amount of contribution points (Annie - I’m thinking of you!). I can do most of the work, but it would be nice to have backup in case I get hit by a bus or lose my phone.

Last, thank you to FLo for suggesting a place for members to chat! I’ve attempted to set up a Discord channel for our guild that I hope will work. Link is below - please help me by testing this space out.

Thank you and happy stepping!


Joined Discord :thinking: I think it’s the third one related to this game, but the other two were inactive :frowning:

Ramblers members - please checkin daily! We need everyone to checkin to get our rewards and build the guild, making the rewards bigger. Super checkin is even better.