Quicker way to send residents exploring while visiting friends

This process takes way too long and makes me not want to individually visit everyone. Other games can make a visit all function so maybe this could be implemented here as well.

I usually do this while I’m waiting the few minutes for my orders to complete. I agree it’s tedious but the number of extra plant parts I’ve gotten must number in the hundreds, and it’s free.

I wonder what else they could do… like turn it into a mini game or something? Or you could build a vehicle of some sort that could be assembled somehow that would speed the process up.


I tend to visit two or three social at at time and wait until they,re all back before claiming - don’t find it too onerous a task for freebies :blush:

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I mean just a way to visit multiple at a time, I have 39 friends so it takes way too long

Wow…that’s commitment visiting them all ! I have over 100 friends but only visit a few at a time …good request :slight_smile:

Sending out my social friends isn’t free. In fact, it’s far more expensive than the quests. Could this be because I’m on Android?

I play on an iPhone and it “costs” me energy to send them…but I like seeing what’s in the luck bag etc…just like the quests I guess
If I’m getting near to unlocking a new plant I stop until I’ve got enough energy :wink:

Thanks Doreen! Yes, I meant it costs energy too. The majority of the time, sending out social friends only results in one plant piece. When many plants in a given book are activated, it is rather tedious to go to each friend’s world, find their social friends and then spend a good chunk of energy just to have a single activated piece returned. The energy cost for the social friends went up significantly with the recent upgrade. It used to be only Olaf that was expensive (about 3 times the cost if I remember), now all the social friends cost as much.

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Hi @radiocricket,

The energy cost is the same for both Android and iOS. We are looking into ways to improve the gaming experience in this area. Please stay tuned!


Is there a way to visit a friend and send all available residents he/she has to a quest at once? Meaning not having to click on each resident at a time? It happened once to me and I have no idea how.

I would love to send a bunch at once! That vehicle is a great idea!

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