Question about last update

Hi pocket plants:

Google play just informed me of the update from this month and I installed it, just a few questions for you :slight_smile:

  1. The revision history on Google play says new techsaur and amethyst tree skins, which are those???

  2. Where can I find the daily task to earn rubies???

  3. I checked the superplants store at least twice a day and haven’t seen any of the generic chips, have those been discontinued???

Thanks in advance for all your help, am really hoping that there are new techsaur and amethyst skins beyond the resaurcher and three amethyst tree outfits that I see currently in my game :slight_smile:


I just found the daily tasks, but still need questions 1. and 3. answered, thanks!!!

Under daily tasks one of the tasks is to “share with friends.” How do you share? I tried sending invites to ppl who do not currently play but it did not register as a “share.” I have not seen a “share” icon/button.

I just saw the first “Share” option. It was when I earned a Super Plant. To the lower right, a blue tag appears with the share icon and the word “SHARE”. I tried tapping it several times but nothing happened.

This morning, I also see the new skins for techsaur and amethyst tree, so I just need question 3. About the generic superplant chips answered :slight_smile:

Hi memimus,

  1. The new Techsaur and Amethyst tree skins should be available in the skin store now.
  2. The daily tasks are located in the ‘Task’ section (It’s where the tutorial tasks and achievements are.).
  3. Universal chips are dispensed in Plants Store, however as they come up randomly and it may take some time to see them.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

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