Purchased hero missing


I really enjoyed this game after my first day playing it. However I’ve encountered my first bug.
I bought my first Knight in the Hero shop with a few hundreds crystals. While the crystals are gone, the Knight is not in my list of heroes (even after restarting and waiting a full night).

I was in the metro when I did the purchase, maybe the connection broke and only half of the transaction was successful.

My game id is ryp2d3.


@Zaarjin can you please specify which hero was missing? Sorry for any incoveneince caused.

I don’t remember its name, I just remember it was a cheap knight, as I’ve played only yesterday and I have not spent any real money yet.

As I played only one day, I guess it’s not a big loss. I’m more interested in making the game better, so you might want to report this bug to the dev team to try to implement a real transaction protocol in your backend (Lock, Transaction, Submit or Cancel). I tried to click send log to the dev team, not sure if it’s useful.

Thank you for you understanding. I’ve sent you some crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through. Happy walking!

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