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        🏆School of Nevo 🏆

:fire:Updated: 11/9/2019

:boom:Master code - 8xpd4 :boom:

Hello my name is Nevo from Israel :israel:and Im happy to share my master code for the newcomers that dont have one feel free to ask questions about rhe game and lets have fun

:fire: Statistics
My level 71
My power 118.65k
Apprentice number 17/30

:fire:Apprentice Ranking
:3rd_place_medal:Reached level 33
:2nd_place_medal:Reached level 46
:1st_place_medal:Reached level 67

(1)-Kitten49__56____ :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:
(2)-Olaf______50____ :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:
(3)-Blur______70____ :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::1st_place_medal:
(5)-Amie_____48 ____ :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:
(12)-Glab_____52______ :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:

Up + come join me on my journey

+UP still waiting for new applicants

+Up Thank you very much for using my code

+Up thank you 5 amazing players that used my code

+Up thank you 9 amazing people
Alredy one reached 46 waiting for more

+UP amazing 15 people used my code
Now adding Rankings

+Up rankings updated

+Up rankings update + new apprience 16

+Up New apprience added levels updated
First apprience reach 67