Problem with the 840 Gold Chests in Honor Shop

I’ve purchased 840 Gold Chests in the Honor Shop ten times. Of those ten times- I’ve gotten quadruplicates of one piece. The odds of that go beyond a random draw when there are 72 possible pieces. Every other piece I get now is the Amulet of Misery.

I’ve bought 2 of the 660 ones and they were the same. Waiting to try the 840 ones …I do hope they get this looked at. V frustrating for you. Wonder if anyone else is having the same issue?

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Same issue (different item but same issue)

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Hi guys, we’ve checked the code under our development environment and everything looks fine. The chance of getting duplicated items is not too low as there are only a limited number of 6-star equipments. Please give it a few more tries and let us know if you are still seeing this problem.

@marspark, thanks for taking a look. I’m not convinced I’m unlucky (or lucky?!) enough to have those kinds of odds but I’ll try again in a few days. For now, I’m going to spend my medals on other items!

Mars does say there are a “limited” number of pieces, therefore not perhaps the 72 you believe?

Between my two accounts, I’ve gotten Vice and Misery set pieces for the rogue, Time and Philosopher set pieces for the mage, Hell and Chaos set pieces for the warlock. For the knight, priest and warrior, I’ve only gotten pieces out of one set, though I think that’s likely due the small number of pieces I’ve purchased. Of the pieces I’ve gotten, I have all the types- weapons, rings, gems, defense and amulets- nothing that would lead me to believe full sets aren’t possible.

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I’m thinking full sets might not be available yet, just random pieces for now and others coming in later updates. Just like we’ve seen 8 and 9 star heroes but for us they’re still unavailable yet. I guess we should wait for few updates before we spend our medals. Save up for now or spend on other stuff. I’m personally working on building at least 2 full strong teams for dark rush. :slight_smile: