Problem with rating and percentage

Hi. I had some doubt about that but now i’m sure that there is a (bug) problem with the calcul of percentage corresponding to a rating.

See in the pictures upload.
For dodge rating.
Same character, same équipement : 2 days ago, with 1,52k rating, I had 240% dodge chance.
Today, after upgrading my Titan ring by ten level. I have 1,76k rating BUT 159% dodge chance !!
I’ve used some money and this decrease my statistics ??
Can you solve the problem please ? (I had the same problem with some others characters, with block chance etc. But I wasn’t sure).

Thank you for your help !

Ps : sorry for my English

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Update : for dodge chance, it’s with Gem of Titan.
For Block chance, it’s with Holy ring.
And I’m sur that there is a problem with other équipement. (More the level usb high, Morell the percentage is low…)

Thx by advance to solve this.

Put your Gem of Titan on a low lvl character and you’ll have crazy high percentage.

Indeed, I’ve just try on a level 30 warrior and i have 286% dodge chance.
But why ?? More the level is high, more the character is weak ?
It’s not logical…
And I invest a lot in this equipment… and in the warrior too. (I was like « waaa ! I have to buy a 5 star warrior! » when I obtain the ring of titan )

Hi, this is the increased dodge chance when against an enemy with the same level. Therefore when a lower lv hero equips it, it shows a higher dodge chance.

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Thank you for your answer. I understand now. :slight_smile:

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