Problem since the last update

Hi I have a problem since the last update. the reward in raindrops decreased (before it gave me 370k for every 3 hours and now it gives me 76k for the same amount of time). I lost everything I had achieved with the gardeners coupons, also it no longer works for me to increase the level of gardeners… I want to know what happened.

You need to enable strict mode so it works the way it has before. The non-strict mode gives way fewer raindrops.


After you update to the Focus Plant latest versions, you might see the game tutorial if you tap on the Focus Buttons. I actually sometimes running on the strict focus session but sometimes the games restarting without being me noticed caused a failed focus sessions. Not sure which app caused it to restart entirely. I sometimes creates a topics in the bugs.

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@marspark Related to the updates problems. These issues caused me to run the focus session failed.