Priest skill "evocation" doesn't properly reset skill timers

I have noticed that, occasionally in the arena, after my priest uses the evocation skill (< half health, timer animation triggers), my mages don’t seem to use any skill on the subsequent round, despite them supposedly being reset.

I have never seen a situation where a character on auto use mode DOESN’T use their skill if it is available, so I have to assume some bug is at work.

It seems an intermittent occurrence, and I haven’t been able to nail down any causal factors so far. Those are always tricky…

I’ve had the same problem with my priest in the arena as well. It is frustrating since I don’t use a warrior to not have that skill help out at times since it’s an autocast it’s not like I have a choice if my turn is spent that way or not.

I have also noticed this and i find it to be game breaking in the arena :frowning:

Hi thank you for your feedback. @Will_Johnson just to confirm you are talking about the ‘fireball’ skill not being cast after ‘evocation’, right?

Neither fireball nor any other active skill is used. A normal attack is made. That mage always seems to die later within that round, but that could be coincidental.

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After ran the emulator for a couple of hundred times. We conclude this is not a bug. The reason for this to happen is because the ‘evocation’ is cast before your mage casts the first fireball.

In the battle system, there is a random waiting period before a skill is cast, and then there comes the cooldown period of [x] rounds.

For example, the cooldown of fireball skill is 4 rounds

Case 1: waiting period of 0 round

  • waiting period is over, mage casts fireball immediately, cooldown = 4 rounds
  • priest is hurt, evocation is cast, cooldown is set to 0

Round 2:

  • mage casts fireball because cooldown is 0

Case 2: waiting period of 2 rounds and evocation is cast on round 1

  • mage delivers a normal attack, waiting period becomes 1
  • priest is hurt, evocation is cast, cooldown is set to 0

Round 2:

  • mage delivers another normal attack, waiting period becomes 0

Round 3:

  • waiting period is over, mage casts fireball, cooldown = 4 rounds

We’ll discuss if evocation will effect the waiting period but the skill will be left as it is for now.

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Thanks for the update! It’s good to know how it’s supposed to work, even if that’s not how I assumed it should work.

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