Priest holy shield skill

today in arena an opponent’s priest used holy shield and it protected 2 of their heroes. how did this happen? does the skill have a chance to affect more than 1 hero once it reaches a certain level or something?

To cast on an extra ally, you need to have either:

3 pieces of the Celestial Set equipped:

5 pieces of the Holy Set equipped:


i think i saw someone with a gylph that made their priest shield an extra ally, is that a thing too?

If the glyph exists, it would seem to do the same thing.

If the glyph exists, I’d definitely be willing to trade a kidney for one. Well, maybe not an entire kidney. :crazy_face:

Haven’t seen such a glyph, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. :thinking:

the one i was saw and thought did that was priest anger II but it turns out the effect is on a different skill xd

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oh wow, celestial set is only 3 star equipment… i already have 2/3… for all i know i probably got one of the pieces i needed and sold it not realizing how good the set is :frowning:

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Thanks for clarifying. I’ve seen a lot of Priest Anger glyphs.

I’ve seen a player take the 5-star Holy Set up to 7-stars on an older server. Was thinking of eventually doing the same. Maybe.

If there is a glyph that can shield multiple allies though, that would change everything.

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I was using the Celestial Set until I had 5 pieces of the Holy Set. It is so worth it!

The good news is that even if you sold a piece, you still have two and only need one more! Could be worse! :slightly_smiling_face: