Priest Armor 6 Star Vitue VS 5 Star Holy

I have 3 pieces of the Virtue set for my Priest but am wondering if it is better to equip the Holy set for the extra shielding. Anyone already figure this out?

For what it’s worth, I intend to evolve my holy set all the way up to 7-star someday. Will require a lot of patience though. (And until that day, my priest will still be using the holy set.)

I Started that project too while I keep in mind that one day, they’ll eventually create a level 7 arena chests . It would really suck if a new priest set had that second protection perk.

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Yes, it would. It would also really suck if I evolved the holy set to 7-stars but then opted to use 3 mages and a warrior instead. At some point, I may need to decide whether to evolve a 3rd set of mage gear to 7-stars before evolving the holy set to 7-stars.

Fortunately, there’s no need to decide now. Top priority is getting some of the mage gear evolved. (I did upgrade most of the holy set to max-level though.)

And while we’re talking about things that could really suck, having 3 mages fully evolved and equipped might be painful if one the new hero types turns out to be a mage hunter. :bow_and_arrow::scream::wink: