Power gems ....how do you use them

Hi Mars & team … I’ve not “spent” any pink power gems since I started …no opportunity is appearing to use them (I thought they were for upgrading equipment maybe ?)
Please can you advise …thanks

You’re correct, you’ll use them to upgrade equipment.

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@Doreen, when you max leveled any equipment, you can then use power gems to evolve them to a higher star rating.

I guess not reached max level then ?? I’ve been replacing equipment to ones with more stars as just upgrading has never reached an option to evolve into a higher star !

@Doreen replacing a higher star equipment is the right thing to do. You’ll need those when the time comes :slight_smile:

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5s weapon max lvl is 180


Arghhhh…that is such a high level to reach she realises some 3 weeks later :grimacing:I have so many gems to spend if I can get there !