Power calculation

I have encountered a player in arena that doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand how we can be so close in power, 4 points away from each other, when all of that players heros are 30 to 45 levels higher than mine, and my heros with similar though many lower level eq…I do have a few more 6 star items but do they really factor that heavily into the power calc? am I missing some hidden factor that calculates into the power other than heros levels, eq and glyphs? Should I not be purchasing 6 star eq and focusing on only upgrading hero levels as that player seems to have a definite advantage in actual battle power.

Yes, it does seem rather arbitrary to me too. I am in D, but there was someone in there with only one hero!

That’s more likely someone trying a strategy to either not get attacked, or to move themselves up the ranks…I.e. everyone who attacks them gets less points (say 15) and then they attack everyone with full power and get full points (say 20) :grin: though not sure how well that strategy works…suppose it depends on how many people realize it’s easy points to attack them even if they get a few less points :crazy_face:

I think the level of said item matters. Maybe they invested in the skills as well. I have S-magical def maxed at 25% on one of my guys and they have a few thousand power boost?

Maybe they have sick glyphs?

I’m not a fan of how Arena works here.

Moving one hero on a team is more for maximizing win chances…while disregarding rank until the last day.

If I’m having trouble beating players at a certain rank, Ill remove most of my team so that people will attack me for an easy win and I can drop rank to the lower ranks. Where, hopefully, I will have a better chance of beating those players with a full power team the next day.

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Here is a list of things that affect power rating: (They all have their own weight)

  • Magic/Physical Attack
  • Speed
  • Health Points
  • Magic/Physical Defense
  • Secondary Stats (Crit/Res/Hit/Accuracy/Dodge/Block)
  • Armor Set Bonus (That affect the above Stats)
  • Passive Skill Bonus (That affect the above Stats)
  • Glyphs (That affect the above Stats)

Things that are not calculated into power rating:

  • Pets and Mutation Skills
  • Crit. Damage % increases (glyphs/passive skills)
  • Glyphs that affect skills
  • Active Skills
  • Armor sets bonus’s that effect skills

There might be other passive skills that are not included in power rating but im not certain enough to include them on this list