POLL: Would you choose a 5 sec Ad for a small gain or 30 sec Ad for bigger gain?

Please Vote!! Could Guildmasters please ask their guild members to vote if they are in contact,
as I’m exploring an idea:

At the moment we get the same reward whether it’s a 5 second or 30 second ad. So I wondered if they were split so the choice was yours to knowingly watch a 5sec ad for a small gain or
30 sec ad for a larger gain, which one would you choose?

Here is a mock up pictures to give two examples but it could apply to any area not neccessarily what the pictures show :

I am curious to see if we were given the choice of ad length,inline with reward, which people would prefer…
This is my personal curiousity and maybe help to make game suggestions…:tulip::grin::sunglasses: Thanks.

  • I would happily choose a 5 sec ad with small gain as it’s less ad time
  • I would happily choose a 30 sec ad with larger gain as it’s more gain.
  • I would do a mixture of 5 second & 30 second ads.
  • I choose neither and press OK. I prefer using the basic amount so I minimising ads.
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It’s complicated.

If I walk 10,000 steps and convert then I currently pay 300 crystals to get the 60% bonus. I’d definitely watch an extremely long ad to not pay 300 crystals. However, would I keep playing long-term if I felt the need to keep watching extremely long ads? :thinking:

If I walk just 10 steps and convert then I’d just hit the ok though. It wouldn’t be worth watching even a short ad for such a tiny amount of bonus energy.

So, I’m not quite sure how I should vote. In general though, I’m going to say that I would feel compelled to watch the longer ad for 60% and admit that it is a weakness of mine. I feel the need to maximize.

At some point, that weakness of mine will make the game less fun for me though, which runs the risk of me not playing at all. :thinking:

In other words, it’s complicated.

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Hmm, hopefully I simplified it by adding another photo for further example . it may not be the steps, it may be something or anything else where choices are given…

If it was steps then for my purposes only, one 30 sec ad would get you 50-60% increase. So multiple 30 sec ads would not be needed…:grin:

I’m just looking at the basic foundation of minimal gain but less ad time verse maximum gain but a bit more ad time…

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IPersonally I went for the 30 seconds… I like the fact I would get to choose (there is an option in the poll to say both lol)…so if watching ads saved me real money, gives me more benefits and also helps the developers, I’m cool with 30 secs.

And if I did just walk 10 steps I may choose the OK or 5 sec video…the choice would be mine to make each time,I think some of the annoyance of ads is the unexpectedness of a 30sec ad when it pops up. I feel like this would give me more control over my user experience so I would lean more towards a 30 sec ad (rather than crystals) and just use the other if needed…

I’m glad you commented, I like to see how others think. Or what considerations they have :grin::tulip:

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My Personal Advertisement Hell

  • Watch 5 second ad for 10 crystals
  • Watch 30 second ad for 20 crystals
  • Watch 2 minute ad for 30 crystals
  • Watch 5 minute ad for 40 crystals
  • Watch 20 minute ad for 50 crystals
  • Watch 60 minute infomercial for 60 crystals
  • Attend weekend time share sales presentation for 70 crystals

The maximizer in me would feel like :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: when presented with choices like that. No matter what I pick I’d feel like I’m either wasting a lot of my time or leaving a lot on the table. :thinking:

If only the top two choices were offered, as you have done, I’d pick the 30 second ad. Somewhere deep down inside there would still be a hint of my personal advertisement hell being activated though, or I wouldn’t have thought to expand the choices into something much less desirable. :thinking:

Put another way, you’re kind of asking me how much advertisement hell I’m willing to consciously (or even subconsciously) tolerate to get rewards. That might be a dangerous path to take for a game that needs to be fun to play. :thinking:

P.S. I spent a lot of my time working on this answer, which is a good thing. I’ve been walking while doing it and got a good 5k steps in. Seemed like it was just a few minutes but it was actually much longer! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you guys for discussing the issue. First of all, we don’t get to control the length of ads as they are automatically filled by our ad mediator/provider. However, this does show some room to further tweak the step bonus which we’ll discuss this week.

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Lol, love your list… :joy: I’d go to the weekend time share just to see who else went… I guess I shouldn’t mention I used to sell timeshare in a previous life :woman_facepalming::shushing_face: I’m probably booked in to burn in hell for it too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::nerd_face:

I guess at the moment we get the same reward for both 5 seconds and 30 second ads so if there comes a time they could control and split the ads, I’d feel my time would more justified getting “rewarded” more from giving more time. I would imagine developers could get more creative and have better control too on how best to use and place ads… just thought…

Although I think my plans to take over the world should come first…,

Hahaha! :rofl::joy:

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you won’t be burning in hell. Instead, you will be listening to the sounds of laughter! Not only that, but you will get 80 crystals for it! Woohoo! :slightly_smiling_face:

The bad news is that it’s an advertisement with its own laugh track playing loudly for eternity on a low quality 8-track tape player with really cheap speakers. :scream:

Bad Rhandar. Bad! Bad! :smiling_imp::grimacing::crazy_face: