Poll: Do You Fight Your Own Guild Mates in the Arena?

  • Never! :innocent:
  • Yes, but prefer attacking members of other guilds if possible (unless a guild mate clearly wants to be attacked). :thinking:
  • All’s fair in love, war, and the arena. :smiling_imp:
  • I hunt guild mates down while exclaiming in a thick highlander accent, “There can be only one!” :crazy_face:

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(A guild mate clearly wants to be attacked if he/she has reduced power significantly and therefore wishes to move lower in the rankings to fight easier opponents.)

I choose Never, but you need another option since…

I only fight guild-mates when I’m not in top 10 because my opponents vary so much below there that its too much of an inconvenience to make sure we are not in same guild.

If we had some easier way of seeing just by looking at name, ie Guild tags under names, my choice would always be never.However, if its obvious that they want to be de-ranked I would be doing them favor to help them achieve that goal.

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I will definitely hit the refresh to avoid attacking guild mates but what would I do if I can’t find anyone else to target? :thinking:

Granted, the scenario of being surrounded by guild mates in the arena has not yet happened to me. So, it’s mostly theoretical. If it did happen, we should definitely all fight each other for the rewards though.

P.S. Accidentally fought a guild mate once. Still working through the guilt on that one. A few more years of therapy and I should be fine. :grimacing:


As long as I have 2 or 3 people that are not in my guild in Top 10 i can finish my daily arena battles. The other people however will prob feel like I have a vendetta against them. I’ve have had the situation happen a few times to me.

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I would avoid fighting guild mates if there were some actual reason for a guild other than check in reward milestones (hint hint to devs)


I played a similar game once and made the mistake of saying my team was weaker than it looked in guild chat.

One of my guild mates decided to target me directly. None of my other guild mates saw anything wrong with it. :flushed:

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Do you mean an ability to easily chat with your guild mates? :thinking:

Do you mean some sort of shared group activity like fighting legendary boss fights that take days to finish? With each guild member making small dents in said legendary creatures until they were dead? Upon completion, might there be some individual rewards given out based on how much total damage each guild member did? And then might the entire process repeat? :thinking:

Just very curious. What could you possibly mean (hint hint to devs)? :crazy_face:


I didn’t fight them at first until I realised there was a cut off to the free “respin”. :woman_facepalming:
Then it was a matter of “need the loot vs avoid my guild”… :grin:
So now I take it as friendly spar matches. I don’t mind if my guild spars with me esp as we have limited free retries… and I hope they feel the same. :thinking::grin:. But give me the option I’d prefer not to spar with my guild but be cheering them on instead​:hibiscus::hugs::v:


Is there a reason to avoid fighting them? Does the loser actually lose anything from someone else attacking them? As far as I can tell, that’s not the case…I don’t come back after a few hours and find my ranking has dipped significantly because other people have been fighting and beating me or something. Maybe I just haven’t had that many opponents targeting me.

You lose score every time you are attacked and lose. At the end of the season that could cost you some rewards, since a lower score can reduce your rank and a lower rank offers fewer rewards.

However, you gain score and also gain rewards instantly when you attack and win. If an attack against your guild mate pushes him/her down in the rankings and therefore makes it easier for him/her to attack and win, then they might want to thank you for attacking them.

You lose score every time you are attacked and lose.

Interesting…I guess I’m not being attacked very often in the lower leagues then lol

I never even thought about looking, but yeah i guess i do fight my guild mates, and it doesn’t bother me if they battle me. If they can defeat me it’s because they walk more, and if i want to rise in the ranks then i need to get out there and walk more! No hard feelings. Think of it like you’re running a race with your friends - you don’t slow down so one of your friends can win even if they are on the same team - you do your best and congratulate the winner!


“like legendary boss fights that take days to finish?”

I love this idea! A way for guild members to work together and encourage each other to walk more! What if the damage done to the monster was equal to what each member walked? and not based on character strength? That way each member has an opportunity to contribute in an equal way and it’s not based on how long they’ve been playing (or purchases they’ve made).


What if you could use your team(s) to fight the monster every time you walk 2k steps? Up to 20k steps just like lottery ticket purchases? :thinking:

No walk. No fight. So better start walking! :slightly_smiling_face:

And what if the monster always starts off easy, but gets progressively harder the longer you fight it in each attempt? Kind of like Dark Rush? At the end, rewards could be split based on how many total rounds were spent fighting the monster? That way weaker teams with players who walk a lot could actually get more rewards than stronger teams with players who walk very little. :thinking:


Just wanted to throw my support in on this.
I have two guild members consistently in the top 5 in my bracket. A third one occasionally makes it up there too.
Once that happens, I am passing 3 out of every six battles just to avoid guild members. That almost always resulted in my having to spend crystals for refreshes to finish my fights.


Yeah, I do this as well even if they decide to attack me, I won’t attack back. It’s just my personal play style that I dont expect others to follow. I end up helping my guild mates stay in top 10 since I decimate the 3 other people who I am allowed to attack in the top 10, at least that’s how this season’s is going for me on server 3.

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