Poll: Do You Fight Your Own Guild Mates in the Arena?

  • Never! :innocent:
  • Yes, but prefer attacking members of other guilds if possible (unless a guild mate clearly wants to be attacked). :thinking:
  • All’s fair in love, war, and the arena. :smiling_imp:
  • I hunt guild mates down while exclaiming in a thick highlander accent, “There can be only one!” :crazy_face:

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(A guild mate clearly wants to be attacked if he/she has reduced power significantly and therefore wishes to move lower in the rankings to fight easier opponents.)


I choose Never, but you need another option since…

I only fight guild-mates when I’m not in top 10 because my opponents vary so much below there that its too much of an inconvenience to make sure we are not in same guild.

If we had some easier way of seeing just by looking at name, ie Guild tags under names, my choice would always be never.However, if its obvious that they want to be de-ranked I would be doing them favor to help them achieve that goal.


I will definitely hit the refresh to avoid attacking guild mates but what would I do if I can’t find anyone else to target? :thinking:

Granted, the scenario of being surrounded by guild mates in the arena has not yet happened to me. So, it’s mostly theoretical. If it did happen, we should definitely all fight each other for the rewards though.

P.S. Accidentally fought a guild mate once. Still working through the guilt on that one. A few more years of therapy and I should be fine. :grimacing:


As long as I have 2 or 3 people that are not in my guild in Top 10 i can finish my daily arena battles. The other people however will prob feel like I have a vendetta against them. I’ve have had the situation happen a few times to me.


I would avoid fighting guild mates if there were some actual reason for a guild other than check in reward milestones (hint hint to devs)


I played a similar game once and made the mistake of saying my team was weaker than it looked in guild chat.

One of my guild mates decided to target me directly. None of my other guild mates saw anything wrong with it. :flushed:


Do you mean an ability to easily chat with your guild mates? :thinking:

Do you mean some sort of shared group activity like fighting legendary boss fights that take days to finish? With each guild member making small dents in said legendary creatures until they were dead? Upon completion, might there be some individual rewards given out based on how much total damage each guild member did? And then might the entire process repeat? :thinking:

Just very curious. What could you possibly mean (hint hint to devs)? :crazy_face: