PocketPlants on US iTunes?

Will PocketPlants be made available in the US iTunes store any time soon? I LOVE wokamon and would love to play PocketPlants too!

Hi @megaudc

Thanks for contacting us, Pocket Plants is on the soft lauch stage, and we are aim to global launch in middle of September.

Also, if you are interested in our beta test, pls leave us your Email so we can send you our Testflight version.

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Also super enjoying wokamon and wondering about when pocket plants is coming out! Will we be getting a notification via wokamon when it is released?

Absolutely will ! and we are recruiting test players, if you are a iPhone user and would like to participate in our beta test, you can leave a E-mail and we will send a TestFlight invitation to you when we are ready.

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I would love to beta test! My email is greeeneverything@gmail.com

Thanks so much, I’m @ macunningham125@gmail.com

May I get in on the beta testing? Nathanagage@gmail.com

Hi! I’d like to beta test if you still need US iPhone users. I love wokamon! All my monsters are leveled up and tapped out. I need something to keep me focused on those steps :blush:


Youngc7483@yahoo.com for US beta test on Pocketplants

Luise12336@gmail.com :kissing_closed_eyes:

It’s October, any updates on when this will happen? Anxiously awaiting this app!

Desperica@gmail.com iPhone 6 running ios10

Hi! I’d love to get a TestFlight invitation as well. Email’s sweijuchan@gmail.com. Thanks!

Any news on when this is coming out? (UK)

Is this ever coming to iTunes?

Is this ever coming to IOS?

Yep,you can download via App Store