Pocket Plants World Cup Quiz! Win Big Prizes!

Guess which team will win the FIFA World Cup 2018!
Win icon_gem2_energy x 1500 (ruby) for all participants who guessed right!

Quiz ends 12:00 PM Friday, June 29, 2018 (GMT+8)

  • flag-of-Argentina Argentina
  • flag-of-Australia Australia
  • flag-of-Belgium Belgium
  • flag-of-Brazil Brazil
  • flag-of-Colombia Colombia
  • flag-of-Costa-Rica Costa Rica
  • flag-of-Croatia Croatia
  • flag-of-Denmark Denmark
  • flag-of-Egypt Egypt
  • flag-of-England England
  • flag-of-France France
  • flag-of-Germany Germany
  • flag-of-Iceland Iceland
  • flag-of-Iran Iran
  • flag-of-Japan Japan
  • flag-of-Korea-South Korea
  • flag-of-Mexico Mexico
  • flag-of-Morocco Morocco
  • flag-of-Nigeria Nigeria
  • flag-of-Panama Panama
  • flag-of-Peru Peru
  • flag-of-Poland Poland
  • flag-of-Portugal Portugal
  • flag-of-Russia Russia
  • flag-of-Saudi-Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • flag-of-Senegal Senegal
  • flag-of-Serbia Serbia
  • flag-of-Spain Spain
  • flag-of-Sweden Sweden
  • flag-of-Switzerland Switzerland
  • flag-of-Tunisia Tunisia
  • flag-of-Uruguay Uruguay

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@JNIUNIUH @Annie @Harry_p @Julian_Neuwirth @Gre3nely

Congratulations! France has won the World Cup! :tada::tada::tada:

Please leave your Pocket Plants game ID in your reply and we’ll organize the prizes as soon as we receive them.

Thank you so much!

Thanks guys, vive la France! :grin::confetti_ball:
Congrats to all the World cup teams🤝
Game ID : Fnf8y2Y!h

@JNIUNIUH @Gre3nely

The prizes have been sent to your inbox. Thanks for your participation and support!

Congrats to all the World cup teams

It won’t let me select France, or any other team for that matter. ID is MCP!@q7TW

The competition is over. You needed to vote before the world cup - although the notification to enter still shows up in the game.

@Itsalliehath. Thank you for the prize