Please? We need this?

Can u please just somehow add the multiplayer and the widget for the app that shows the minutes focused? I mean trust me- it’s what all your audience basically needs.
The motivation.
The other things keep u going for 1-3 months- I’ve stuck around for a year and I think without the multiplayer and widget,
There’s not that much motivation or accountability.
Kindly work on this rather than other things

Hi @Fatibaby, sorry to keep you waiting. When you say the multiplier mode, are you talking about a mode where 2 or more players join the same room and focus together (and the session fails if one of the players gives up)? The reason we are a bit hesitant about this is that we’ve heard other feedback against this.

The widget, however, is a great suggestion. We’ll see when we can implement that.


Yess!!! The multiplayer focus room is going to work wonders for everyone who is trying to match with their study buddy!
Friends could invite to the multiplayer focus session, the groups could post about the timings in their settings. It would be really helpful, especially to folks like me who are basically sticking around for that feature to arrive!!

Thanks for the update, we’ll discuss this. However, the multiplier mode along with other focus functionalities will still have to wait till we roll out the next major feature (which completes the stage III plant rewards).