Please, move refresh buttons to the left

Yesterday I missclicked on refresh right after clicking on honor shop because I thought that I missclicked and didn’t open the honor shop, but of course, I just needed to wait for it to load, but there’s no loading animation to indicate that… And I just lost 100 gems for no reason.

This is also annoying in hero shop and equipment shop, can you please move them to the left?

Depending on what you used for UI, it should be as easy as moving the anchor of the button to the left which wouldn’t take more than a minute for actually editing it. I’m not the first person to complain about it and it’s not that hard to fix it, so could you?

Moving it to the left is way easier than adding confirmation for every refresh and so when we want to refresh spam it won’t bother us.

The same happened to me twice, now I don’t dare to click buttons quickly :fearful: